September 25, 2022

The 54-year-old defendant cared for precocious kids in Kissak and Montpellier. Hearings will start this Thursday and 17 civilians are anticipated to attend.

Because of the investigation performed by the investigating choose Ales, 17 kids are civil plaintiffs.

From this Thursday and inside two days, Alessandro G., head of the affiliation, shall be tried by the Alesia Prison Court docket. A 54-year-old man is concerned in quite a few sexual rapes dedicated in Gard and Herault.

Movies and pictures of kid pornography on his pc

The investigation started in December 2015, when two moms appeared individually on the Calvisson Gendarmerie and condemned the sexual touching of their boys throughout a keep in Sardana organized by the Quinoa affiliation.

Suspect Alessandro G., a Belgian native who arrived in France in 1999, was taken into police custody in Kissak in January 2016. Roughly 600 movies and pictures of kid pornography have been discovered on the suspect’s pc. . A judicial investigation has begun.

The gendarmes accumulate information of 142 kids cared for by the affiliation. The analysis groups of Ales and Vigan are known as upon to interview all dad and mom. There are opinions and complaints. Throughout auditions, kids describe caresses within the bathe, throughout programs organized in Palavas, Cap d’Agde or Poitiers.

Hooked up to this file is a process began in 2010. Details of the identical nature, at all times with precocious kids, would happen on the D’Clic affiliation in Montpellier.

“Aleksey”, as the youngsters name themselves, denies the accusations, solely admits “unprofessional angle, however with out sexual overtones.” The person mentions “misinterpretations of minors” and denounces the instruction “accountable, which created some strain on the dad and mom.”

Positioned underneath judicial supervision, with a ban on actions in touch with kids and on leaving the departments of Gard and Herault, Alessandro traveled to Italy 4 occasions.

Introduced on a warrant to be introduced earlier than an investigating choose, he was positioned in pre-trial detention for eight months. The defendant is being defended by Me Mathieu Montfort of the Montpellier Bar Affiliation.

The trial, scheduled for 2 days as a result of excessive quantity of plaintiffs, will entice the eye of many civil legal professionals. Counselors embrace Mes Claire Sadoul and Florence Mendez of the Ales Bar.

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