September 25, 2022

In an editorial on Tuesday, September 20, Midi libre editorial director Olivier Biscay wonders if Emmanuel Macron would confuse velocity with haste within the pension reform case. “The need to maneuver from one mannequin to a different requires a vital situation: clarify, at all times clarify. We’re too far-off from that, however very near social danger.”

Nice debates have been prevented by growing proposals in step with the campaigns, inventive vagueness even within the methodology… And the president would love the French to trust within the coming pension reform. Would Emmanuel Macron confuse velocity and precipitation?

Flammable Totem

His reforming impulses, apparent and crucial, solely make sense if they’re broadly understood by residents. Right now they don’t perceive both the essence or the type of the matter. Refusing to have this elementary textual content adopted by power, François Bayrou stated aloud what the macroni deputies don’t even dare to assume decrease.

Everybody is aware of that this totem’s transformation challenge is flammable. Due to this fact, nobody will dare to defend the inconceivable, extreme cruelty, which can result in cardboard. The need to maneuver from one mannequin to a different requires an indispensable situation: to clarify, at all times to clarify. We’re too removed from this, however very near social hazard.

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