September 25, 2022

In Morocco, household rights and ladies’s rights are once more being mentioned. Certainly, King Mohammed VI talked about the reform of the Household Code, generally referred to as Mudawana, in his July 30 Throne Day speech.

“I can neither enable what God has forbidden, nor forbid what the Almighty has allowed.” It was with this verdict that the ruler of the Cherifian kingdom, by which Islam is the state faith, determined to open the best way for the reform of the Household Code. Because the “Commander of the Devoted”, he’s actually the one one who retains “Needed Prerogatives” lead such a venture center japanese eye.

The slogan of this reform can be “Extra equality between women and men” famous by the Moroccan media Hespress. Whereas the present code, adopted in 2004, has been praised for what he delivered to the situation of ladies, nonetheless stays

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