September 25, 2022

Democracy in decline in France, Europe and the world? So says Dominique Russo. In his column “Le evaluation droit”, the professor of constitutional legislation deciphers the phenomena noticed in lots of international locations: on the street the demand for democracy; the acute proper received within the elections.

“Hybrid regime of electoral autocracy”. It is a qualification that the European Parliament has simply adopted on 15 September 2022 to check with the Hungarian political system. This nation is not a democracy, European parliamentarians judged by 433 votes to 123 and 28 abstentions. This new constitutional class may dangerously replenish within the coming years, if not months. Poland has been beneath particular supervision of the Brussels Fee since 2017. for significantly questioning the independence of the judiciary.

Different international locations might comply with go well with. In Sweden, the far-right celebration rose from 5.7% of the vote in 2010 to twenty.5% in September 2022 and has turn out to be the second celebration within the nation that the best will want in the event that they wish to govern. In Italy, the far-right celebration rose from 4% of the vote in 2013 to 25% in polls within the days main as much as legislative elections during which it may win energy. In Spain, Franco’s nation, Vox represents 15% of the citizens, and in Portugal, Salazar’s nation, Chega represents 12%. And France was not spared. Marine Le Pen received 42% of the vote within the presidential election and with 89 MPs was the main parliamentary opposition group and positioned itself as an alternative choice to the federal government.

The upheavals of the world provoked the wrath of the peoples

Though in 1992, after the autumn of the Berlin Wall, Fukuyama recognized “the top of historical past” because of the victory of capitalism over communism and democracy over dictatorship, thirty years later, it must be famous that historical past continues, that authoritarian regimes return and democracies retreat. The upheavals of the world have aroused the wrath of the peoples on all continents, which is expressed in reverse types: on the street – within the demand for democracy; within the elections by the victory of the acute proper.

So, in Chile, the place the folks in 2019 demonstrated by demonstrations to write down a brand new progressive structure, and the place in September 2022 the folks rejected this structure in a referendum. The {qualifications} adopted by European parliamentarians deserve reflection. They don’t repeat the “intolerant democracy” components utilized by the Hungarian prime minister to recommend that his regime remains to be a particular type of democracy; they substitute it with a “selective authoritarian hybrid regime”. Subsequently, voting, presidential, legislative or referendum is just not a criterion for democracy, and coup d’état, putsch and violence should not essentially the supply of authoritarian regimes. They are often simply settled by the vote of the citizens. Maybe this prompts us to rethink the demand for democracy.

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