September 25, 2022

Sophie de Menthon is again from trip in nice form! Entrepreneur and president of Ethic is perplexed by the final impotence prevailing in France, drawing on the Darmanin fiasco within the case of Imam Hassan Ikiussen. “What would one other minister do far more successfully?” You might have two hours…

ON directs us, or relatively, ON marks the powerlessness to manage us. ON, that’s, the media, press secretaries, politicians, clarify to us what We’re going to do for well being care, training, safety, and many others. (Robert’s definition Infinite pronoun denoting uncertainty, inflicting males typically, individuals, opinion).
We desperately want this sense of powerlessness that spreads and breeds increasingly riots. Over time now we have constructed up such a authorized and administrative community that there’s nothing we will do typically in conditions the place a comma is modified and this requires a fee, a union session and an utility ruling to be made in 8 months! Are we going to alter this? Aside from the apparently shared pleasure in criticizing Gerald Darmanin and his non-existent deportation coverage, his newest try is a surprising instance of our widespread helplessness, it has all of it:
one – The minister lastly decides to expel the imam, who mustn’t have been with us for a very long time, not less than within the efficiency of his capabilities.
2- We’re stunned by the firmness of the minister, however then justice should determine on the deserves of the ministerial choice.
3- Excellent! The judiciary criticizes and objects. It is neat.
4 – We start to howl in a flock towards Darmanin, who would have contacted too rapidly, weeping from failure.
5 – The minister appealed to the very best courtroom, which agreed with him.
6- He rejoices and mounts a horse to ship for the imam.
7- Our imam, who couldn’t go away France with out risking damage to his kids, took to his heels.
eight – France laughs.
9 – The same old one tells us – ON, we can not observe the rehabilitated individual.
ten – We’re nonetheless searching for him…
What would one other minister do significantly better? WE cannot present passports, WE cannot get trains to reach on time, WE cannot combat refusals to conform, WE do not cope with hospitals anymore, WE can not help recruiting, ON strikes towards ON,! Feeling like nothing is working anymore and you do not know why. The erosion of energy has achieved its objective: software program is to not blame, software program is to not blame. In fact, new scapegoats make noise day by day, which blows off some steam, however earlier than the revolution towards the GDL. Because the editor-in-chief of a serious weekly advised his journalists: “We’re jerks! »

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