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Finding the Right Baseboard Mouldings

When renovating hardwood floors, baseboard moldings are typically a late addition. However, if you are planning on changing the appearance and finish of your home, you can save a lot of money by adding or replacing old baseboard moldings. It can be a daunting proposition finding the right baseboard for your home considering that there are numerous materials and styles. Here is a list of a few top tips on how you can purchase the most suitable baseboard moldings for your home.

Firstly, baseboards come in a wide variety of style. We cannot say that one style is better than the rest, it will all depend on the style of your house. For that reason, you will want to factor that element when shopping for your baseboard. That is because some option may work well for majority of home’s style, but others may look out of place. An option with baseboard molding with a classic style may suit perfectly a neo-classical style home or when you have tall ceilings; nevertheless, it is likely to clash in a home style that is more contemporary or modern. If you are confused on what baseboard style may suit your home, it is advisable that check different places for information like home decor magazines or you can visit the Braid Brothers website for guidance.

Apart from the style of the baseboard, you ought to consider the location or room where the baseboard moldings will go. Your rooms will affect the material and style of baseboard molding used for remodeling your home. For instance, one baseboard style or material will work for your kitchen or bathroom but not necessarily a perfect for your bedroom or living room. At times, it makes sense to apply a baseboard consistently from one room to another, however, depending on the floor space, sophistication and price, some selections are best suited for some rooms like the entertaining areas and not the whole house.

In addition to style and location, you will want to determine what type material you need for your space and meet your needs. Common materials used for the baseboard are medium density fiberboard (MDF), pine and hardwood. Nevertheless, you can still come across poplar baseboard moldings. The hardwood baseboard from Braid Brothers Fine Hardwoods will offer you optimal quality but at a cost.

Finally, be sure to look at size and height before setting on an option. Of course you want to see the baseboards fitting your space. The size you pick should depend on the size of your room as well as how high the ceiling is. As such, take your measurements before you choose an option.

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